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Hi, I am Anup Roy, I’m a pet owner and animal enthusiast, I love the animal . I always like to more time with my pets . I have few dogs and other animals also.

I have comleted my graduation with pure science, I have a one subject Biology. It was a very interest subject for me. I have learn so many things from the pets from this subjects.

Letter I have completed Masters in Computer Science. Now I am a computer engineer, and I am blogger also.

In this blog I want write a lot of answer that you are finding regarding your pets.

I am also specialist of pet behavior , due to long time research I can understand pet behavior and issue also.

To guarantee that you are constantly receiving the greatest and most accurate information and expertise, I give sources for the research data I discover together with useful and practical advice that is supported by science and research. 

In this blog I will give all of my research data regarding pets. I think you all will get more information regarding your pet’s issue.

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