Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost | Exotic Frenchie

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Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost , Exotic Frenchie

Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost : Exotic French Bulldogs seem like mix breed of Bulldog and American Bully. It is very popular in USA and UK. Many people are perplexed about the Exotic French Bulldog, and they frequently confuse it with the American Bully.

The maximum pet owner are like and choose this Exotic French Bulldog for good looking and good color combination .

Hi, this is Anup in this article I will discuss of the most beautiful and cute French bulldog ‘Exotic French Bulldog’ . If you want to know all the information of Exotic French Bulldog, then it is the write article , I will explain all the information of Exotic French Bulldog one by one.

Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost | Exotic Frenchie
Exotic French Bulldogs

Exotic French Bulldog : Summary (in short note )

NamesExotic French Bulldog
Others Name Exotic Frenchie
History Purebred
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
Weight60 – 70 pounds
Height14-17 inches 
Colorsblack, chocolate, white,
brown, brindle, tri-color.
Child Friendliness naturemoderate
Lifespan5– 7 years Maximum
Canine Friendliness natureMedium
Training DifficultyMedium
Grooming UpkeepMedium
HealthLow – Moderate 
Exotic French Bulldog Costs $3500 +

What is Exotic French Bulldog?

Exotic French Bulldog is one of the popular French Bulldog of USA, UK and other parts of the world. It seems like an American bully, It’s a mix of American Bully and Bulldog.

Exotic French Bulldog is new type of dogs , it came about in 2008 . We find various bulldogs traits in this Exotic French Bulldog. Most of the people confused with American bully and Exotic French Bulldog. Both are mostly same.

It also called as Exotic Bully or Exotic Pitbull. In this Exotic French Bulldog’s body , you can find the extra modification of Bulldog features. Here you can find a complete mixture of American Bully, Pitbull and Bulldog.

The Exotic French Bulldog famous for his compact size, adorable “bat ears,” and tremendous color combination.

Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost | Exotic Frenchie
Exotic French Bulldog

How to identify The Exotic French Bulldog

To identifying an Exotic French Bulldog is primarily based on their coat color , and size and body structure.

In below I am giving few points. If you follow this points , you should easily identify this Exotic French Bulldog

Short Muzzle – Exotic French Bulldogs ‘s muzzle is shorter and more compressed, which can make breathing difficult.

Bulging Eyes: Compared to regular French Bulldogs, their eyes may appear bigger or more pronounced. This could make eye issues more likely.

Short Legs: Exotic French Bulldog’s legs are shorter . Due to this short legs , they can not run fast.

Back and Chest: Exotic French Bulldogs frequently have a more compact body type with a shorter back and larger chest.

Color: Exotic French Bulldogs have rare type and extra ordinary coat colors or patterns. Solid hues like blue, cocoa, lilac, and merle are examples of these.

Size: Exotic French Bulldogs comes with small to medium size . It’s comes with 14 to 17 inch height.

Exotic French Bulldogs may have a unique proportion between their head and body, you can observe head is more prominent than body.

Exotic French Bulldogs DNA

We do not have any information about Exotic French Bulldog’s DNA . When we will get any information , we will update quickly.

How popular are Exotic French Bulldogs ?

Recently, Exotic French Bulldogs gained some popularity in USA and UK . Due to his rare color combination and small body , they also got popularity in the rest of world also. The pet owner who wants the unique color combination and easy maintenance of pet . They can choose this type of bulldog.

But the other hand Exotic French Bulldogs have some issue, like small life span, frequently illness issue.

Breeders are also trying to produce better types of this breed. .

Is Exotic French Bulldogs recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC)?

As per information, Exotic French Bulldogs is not recognized by AKC.

But the other so many club has been recognize to Exotic French Bulldogs .

Black and White French Bulldog body Structure , size, height, and weight

Exotic French Bulldogs are like a normal French Bulldog.

I am giving the details of body structure in below –

  • Size: Exotic French Bulldogs are not a very small – weight between 60 to 70 pounds and height is 14 to 17 inches tall at the shoulders.
  • Body : Exotic French Bulldogs has a lovely, compact, good-looking, muscular, well-balanced body.
  • Head: Their Head is flat and rounded, The muzzle is short type and broad, and flat-faced nose. The nose is black.
  • The head is more prominent than body.
  • Chest and Body: The body type of exotic French Bulldogs is frequently more compact, with a shorter back and a larger chest.
  • Legs: Exotic French Bulldogs have short legs, they did not run faster.
  • Tail: broad shoulders‘s tail are generally short and straight. But in a few cases it observes a slight curve.
Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost | Exotic Frenchie
Exotic French Bulldog

Exotic French Bulldogs full grown

The famous bulldog Exotic French Bulldogs, got the full maturity around 5-6 month.

Exotic French Bulldog‘s common health issue

Due to their distinct physical traits and genetic makeup, Exotic French Bulldogs have more issue than other French Bulldogs, can be prone to specific health problems. The following are some typical health conditions that Exotic French Bulldogs may experience:

Breathing problems: Their short snouts and flat faces result in a disease called brachycephalic syndrome. In warmer weather, in particular, it can cause breathing problems, snoring, and overheating.

respiratory issues : Due of their flat features and small nostrils, Exotic French Bulldogs are susceptible to respiratory issues that make it difficult for them to breathe correctly.

Heat Sensitivity: Because of their small muzzles, they may find it challenging to adequately control their body temperature, making them vulnerable to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Skin infection issue : Skin fold dermatitis and infections can result from the folds and wrinkles on people’s faces trapping moisture and dirt.

joints Pain Issue: Despite their small bodies, these dogs weigh a lot. All this weight takes a toll on their joints. Issues like osteoporosis and arthritis are prevalent among Exotic Bullies. 

Vision Issues: Due of their large eyes, French Bulldogs may be more susceptible to eye conditions like cherry eye (a prolapsed third eyelid gland) and corneal ulcers.

Allergies: Skin irritation, itching, and discomfort can result from allergies to foods, the environment, or other substances.

Digestive Issues: This breed might also be prone to gastrointestinal problems include flatulence, sensitive stomachs, and food allergies.

Dental Problems: Because of their packed teeth, they may develop dental issues like gum disease and tooth rot.

Exotic French Bulldog‘s food and diet

Exotic French Bulldogs enjoy a high-quality, largely meat-based diet. They need good nutritious food that is strong in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Your veterinarian may suggest specific brands of dog food for your Black and White French Bulldog because to the possibility that these pets have some food sensitivities.

Is Exotic French Bulldogs rare?

Recently, Exotic French Bulldog‘s demand is very high. It come about 2008 in the market. Now it has good demad in USA and UK. But normally Exotic French Bulldogs are available in market, and cost is not very high. So we can not say it is a rare type of dog. But some color is may be rare .

Exotic French Bulldogs personality

Exotic French Bulldogs have not very good personality . It needs training and socialization. I am given one by one in below –

  • Normally Exotic French Bulldogs does not have more bad remarks.
  • Exotic French Bulldogs familear with childeren from begining. After socialization it quickly recover.
  • Exotic French Bulldogs agrassive with other pets, but do not wory by proper training and socialization it can be corrected.
Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost | Exotic Frenchie
Exotic French Bulldog , Credit – dogobsessionn

Exotic French Bulldogs Price

Exotic French Bulldogs is one of the most famous and high demand dogs in the world. It’s size is medium , but it’s price is not very high. Depending on the color and size the price may be vary .

The price of the Exotic French Bulldogs is start from $2500 onwords.

Exotic French Bulldogs for sale

It is not a very big issue for Exotic French Bulldogs sale, in the Internet multiple trusted websites are present. I am giving some websites below.

  • BigBullDogs.com
  • Shrinkabulls.com
  • Lancasterpuppies.com

Exotic French Bulldogs make a easy family pet ?

The answer is Yes. Exotic French Bulldogs can make a easy family pet. From begining they are not familier . But after short training . It can be correct quickly. They love to children . These dogs are not usually good with children and other pets.

Are Exotic French Bulldogs easy to training?

Hi, friends do not worry. It’s little bit challenging, but use special care and policy in training. They can correct all the issue quickly.

They need around only 10-11 weeks training period for socialized with other people and pets.

Exotic French Bulldogs exercise requirement

The exercise requirement is not very expensive of a Exotic French Bulldogs . But we need to concentrate of exercise of Exotic French Bulldogs, because they have a tendency of fatiness or weight gain. These dogs should not required huge exercise requirement. Here’s what you can expect in terms of exercise for a Exotic French Bulldogs

  • Short Walks: A daily walk of around 15-20 minutes should enough for most Here’s what you can expect in terms of exercise for a Exotic French Bulldogs.
  • They enjoy leisurely strolls and should not go for long run. At the time of waking , you should use a retractable dog leash . It important for this dogs. They can walk freely.
  • All the pet owner know that several municipalities and counties have zoning regulations that forbid the construction of physical fences. Do not worry if this is your circumstance. Installing a wireless dog fence is a terrific alternative that will also protect your adorable puppies.
  • Playtime: Engage in short, indoor play sessions. They enjoy chasing toys or playing tug of war. Be cautious of overexertion due to their short snouts, which can make breathing more challenging.
  • Mental Stimulation: Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise for these dogs. Use puzzle toys or interactive games to keep their minds engaged.
  • Avoid Heat and Overexertion: Due to their brachycephalic (short-snouted) nature, They enjoy leisurely strolls and are not typically suited for long, strenuous hikes or runs are more prone to overheating and breathing difficulties. Exercise them during cooler parts of the day and avoid intense activities in hot weather.
  • Swimming: Some French Bulldogs enjoy swimming, which can be a low-impact exercise. However, not all of them are natural swimmers, so introduce them to water cautiously.
  • Socialization: While not exactly exercise, social interaction is essential. Allow them to interact with other dogs and people, as this helps with their mental and emotional well-being.
  • Monitor Signs of Fatigue: Pay attention to signs of fatigue or breathing difficulties during exercise. If your Black and White French Bulldog seems excessively tired or struggles to breathe, it’s important to stop the activity and allow them to rest.
Exotic French Bulldog- all Information, price, for sale, DNA, cost | Exotic Frenchie

Exotic French Bulldogs  grooming and cleaning

Exotic French Bulldogs are relatively simple to maintain due of their small size than other dogs. I am giving one by one that you need to maintain.

  1. Brushing: Brush your French Bulldog’s coat at least once or twice a week to remove loose hair and prevent matting. If you use daily , it will be more effective. But always use a soft bristle brush or a rubber grooming mitt. Be gentle, as their skin can be sensitive.
  2. Bathing: For Exotic French Bulldogs try for bath one time every month. Try to use a mild dog shampoo that is suitable for their skin type.But be careful do not give more presuer, as it can strip the natural oils from their coat.
  3. Ears: Check their ears regularly for dirt, wax, or signs of infection. Clean the outer ear using a damp cotton ball, but avoid inserting anything into the ear canal.
  4. Eyes: Tear Spot is a common issue of dogs. Try to clean around their eyes with a damp cloth to prevent tear staining. If the spot is a persistent continus, then it is a issue, consult your vet for advice.
  5. Nails: Trim their nails every few weeks to prevent overgrowth, which can cause discomfort or affect their gait. Use a dog nail clipper and be careful not to cut into the quick (blood vessel).
  6. Teeth: Brush their teeth daily basis using a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental hygiene is crucial to prevent dental issues as French Bulldogs are prone to dental problems.
  7. Wrinkles and Folds: French Bulldogs have adorable facial wrinkles, but these areas need attention. Clean and dry the skin folds carefully, as moisture can lead to skin irritations or infections.
  8. Coat Care: To maintain your dog’s coat soft and shiny after a bath, use a canine-specific conditioner. Abstain from using strong chemicals that could irritate their skin.
  9. Drying: Dry your Frenchie completely after baths or rainy walks. Their thin coat provides little protection, and moisture can cause skin problems.
  10. Professional Grooming: While Frenchies have relatively low grooming needs compared to some other breeds, consider occasional visits to a professional groomer. They can trim nails, clean ears, and give your Frenchie a thorough coat cleaning.

Black and White French Bulldog life Span

Black and White French Bulldog‘s life span is like other normal French bulldog. Black and White French Bulldog life span is 10-12 years.

What is a Teacup Blue French Bulldog?

A Teacup Blue French Bulldog is a very small-sized version of the Blue French Bulldog breed. It’s often bred to be significantly smaller than the standard size, resembling the concept of “teacup” dogs, which are miniature versions of their respective breeds. The term “teacup” is not recognized by major kennel clubs and can be controversial due to potential health concerns associated with breeding dogs to be extremely small.

2. Are Teacup Blue French Bulldogs a recognized breed?

No, Teacup Blue French Bulldogs are not a recognized breed by major kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC). They are typically the result of breeding practices that prioritize size over the breed’s health and well-being.

3. What is the size of a Teacup Blue French Bulldog?

Teacup Blue French Bulldogs are bred to be much smaller than the standard French Bulldog. However, there is no standardized size for them, as they are not recognized by reputable kennel clubs. Their size can vary widely, but they are often much smaller than the typical French Bulldog, which stands around 11-12 inches tall and weighs 16-28 pounds.

4. What are the potential health issues associated with Teacup Blue French Bulldogs?

Breeding dogs to be extremely small can lead to a range of serious health problems. Teacup dogs, including Teacup Blue French Bulldogs, are more prone to issues like respiratory problems, heart conditions, digestive disorders, bone and joint issues, and a shortened lifespan. The breeding practices that produce very small dogs often involve unethical methods that prioritize appearance over the dog’s well-being

5. Are Teacup Blue French Bulldogs suitable as pets?

Due to their potential health issues and the ethical concerns surrounding their breeding, Teacup Blue French Bulldogs may not make the best pets. Adopting a responsibly bred standard-sized Blue French Bulldog from a reputable breeder or considering adoption from a shelter could be a better choice for those looking for a loving companion.

Q6: Are pied French Bulldogs good companions?

Yes, pied French Bulldogs are known for their affectionate and friendly nature. They make excellent indoor companions due to their low energy levels and love for human interaction.

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